Thursday briefing and open thread

Today in talk

  • Tony Trupiano – unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to listen to Tony this morning, so I’ll be taking in the podcasts later. Tony’s guests for today were Karla Smith, Occupy Detroit, and David Hecker. You can live stream Tony’s show, connect with him on the First Shift Facebook page, and pick up the podcasts from his show here. Do visit him on Facebook, even if you just want to say hi; he loves hearing from listeners.
  • Stephanie Miller – Karl Frisch, David Bender, and David Brock. You can stream Steph live from ustream. Her show follows Tony’s on 1310, so you can stream it the same way you stream Tony.  We have some links to the Sexy Liberal Show and some Hal Sparks stand-up .. if you are looking for some lols to get you through the day, these are great!
  • Thom Hartmann – Geeky science in hour 2, and in hour 3 Thom’s guest will be conservative commentator Steve Malzberg. You can watch Thom on livestream from noon – 3pm EST. It’s replayed 24/7 so now if you miss a radio show you can catch it there.

    Also don’t forget you can watch Thom on Free Speech TV as well.

  • Ed Schultz – You can get Ed’s lineup later today by going to Also remember if you missed his MSNBC shows, you can watch them online here
  • The War Room with Jennifer Granholm is on Current at 9pm.
  • I’m leaving this link in the daily briefings until I put something up in our sidebars. Did you know you could catch Ring of Fire and other great progressive content on You Tube? Well I suppose you probably did, but here’s a link anyway. Go Left TV.


  • Newt: You can’t put a gunrack in a Chevy Volt.

    With unemployment and the economy improving, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has turned to attacking President Barack Obama on the price of gas.

    At a campaign event in Suwanee, Georgia, the former House Speaker told supporters that he would bring back cheaper gas because “you can’t put a gun rack on a Volt.”

  • America: Yes you can put a gun rack in the Chevy Volt:

  • Ron Paul: Rick Santorum is a fake

  • Senator Gretchen Whitmer: Not ruling out a run for Governor:

Census Daily

Profile America — Thursday, February 23rd. There are many bird-feeding and bird-watching events this month. One of them is the annual Great Backyard Bird Count — in which ordinary Americans note the kinds and quantity of birds in their immediate area, helping scientists track the health of the bird population. With the foliage off the trees, many will be looking at and photographing birds with cameras and binoculars. It was this month in 1872 that the first state bird sanctuary was established at Oakland, California’s Lake Merritt. It was named for the mayor, who started the efforts to preserve the lake. In the U.S. today, nearly 14 million people enjoy bird watching, and 55.5 million feed the birds and other wildlife in their area. You can find these and more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau, online at

Enjoy your day. :)

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