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  • I have to start with this giant idiot. Seriously, a contender for Dumbass of the Year.

    The transvaginal ultrasound that I had when pregnant with my daughter did not cause me violent, bodily harm. It did not put me in fear for my life. It did not cause me to have to still sleep with a light on. The rape did, even to this day — twenty years later. It did not make me have to constantly plan my shopping trips to avoid the dark or suffer the fear and heart racing caused by walking alone through a dark parking lot. To this day. It did not make me introverted and fearful in social situations, convinced that everyone was staring at me. Hello, mad hair twirling!

    Rape is not about penetration and only those who would diminish rape and re-victimize those who have been raped would think so. It’s about dominance and fear and power and assault and the evil that lurks in the minds of some alleged men.

    And all of this proves that the left-wing is demagoguing rape.

    OMG you sick, twisted, right-wing crackpot.

  • Our right-wing corporate masters in Lansing have never met a court-mandated smack-down that they weren’t willing to write a law to get around. First it’s the Oakland County redistricting, now it’s the UM GSRAs that they want to prevent from joining a union.

    A state Senate committee passed a bill Tuesday that would prevent graduate student research assistants from unionizing, just hours after the University of Michigan Board of Regents voted to oppose the bill.

    A group of GSRAs, led by members of the Graduate Employees Union, are trying to overturn a 1981 ruling by the Michigan Employment Relations Commission that says GSRAs are students.

    The UM Regents oppose the bill.

  • And finally, Michigan lawmakers worry about Mitt Romney.

    Concern among Romney’s Capitol Hill backers hasn’t yet risen to the level of all-out panic. Romney is still the favorite to win in a state he captured four years ago, his backers insist. But there exists a worry that a narrow Romney win in his native state would only raise concerns about his viability in the 2012 contest.

    The problem, the members said, is simple: Romney has failed to stir the passions of the Republican faithful.

    To which our friend Republican Michigander responds,

    Wrong. It’s not about passion. They make it sound like Romney can give a homerun speech and all will be well. No. That insults the intelligence of non-Mitt supporters. The problem is trust. The problem is that a lot of people do not trust Mitt Romney and do not believe what he says. That is the problem with flip-flopping too many times, especially right before you decide to run for president. ACTIONS count.

Census Daily

Profile America — Wednesday, February 22nd. One of the first chain stores in the U.S. opened its doors on this date in 1879 in Utica, New York. For generations of Americans, Woolworth’s was known simply as the “five and dime.” Inside were wooden floors and display tables stacked with items that sold for up to a dime. Equally famous was the store’s lunch counter, featuring malted milk shakes. The distinctive red and gold signs were taken down in 1997. Woolworth’s was no longer able to compete with the growing number of discount stores, shopping malls, and food courts. Today, Americans have a choice of more than 1.1 million places to shop. Each person in the U.S. spends an average of nearly $12,000 in these stores annually. Profile America is in its 15th year as a public service of the U.S. Census Bureau.

Enjoy your day. :)

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