Does Governor Snyder ever tell the truth?

A little short for a post, but too long to be a tweet.

So you guys remember my 3 favorite parts of the #misots? Outhouses are not toilets, the James Group isn’t his personal success story, and the MBT was actually created by Republicans before being killed by Republicans? Now we’ve got another potential favorite

The 2011 data from Allied’s Annual Magnet States report shows 900 more households leaving the state (1,529 in and 2,429 out) than coming in. This placed us third-highest among states losing families, behind only Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Those are positive trends. But they don’t exactly conform with what the governor was saying on Jan. 18 at the State Capitol.

So it looks like @onetoughnerd wasn’t telling the whole truth when he said that Michigan has more people moving in than leaving.

Jeeze, if he doesn’t tell the truth about things like outhouses and moving vans, when does he tell the truth?

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