Snyder backmasks on film incentives

Do you ever feel like, if you play the Snyder administration backwards, you will hear a message from the devil?

Let me call your attention to the latest info on Michigan’s budding film industry. As you recall, Snyder cut the bejeezus out of the film industry incentives. In a recent interview, here’s what Snyder said about that,

He said businesses like Raleigh Studios, a new film studio in Pontiac that is struggling to make its bond payments, need to be able to survive on their own.

“They are a private enterprise. So they had to build their own business plan,” he said. “And the issue about what degree you should rely on public subsidies is a very challenging question.”

Public subsidies.

This removal of incentives was part of the same budget that provided about $1.7 billion in tax cuts to other corporations. To provide these tax cuts, Snyder gutted public education, eliminated tax credits for the poor, and taxed our senior pensions. So “the issue about what degree you should rely on public subsidies is a very challenging question” indeed. He seems to have it all figured out for us though:

He said he believes the state has more important priorities, … “Is it better to do more in film credits, which have a very challenging financial return … versus investing in our kids and their futures?” Snyder said.

So. Much. Deception.

There was no investment in public education. There was no relationship between public education and film incentives. He just cut film incentives because he doesn’t personally value them. And the $10 million that the budding film industry brought to Detroit last year? He doesn’t seem to value that either.

Can’t tell me he’s not hiding something evil in all that.

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now ….

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  1. Um….backmasks?

    • Nevermind. I had to look it up.

      Finally, something I’m not old enough to know about. :)

      • Hah Yes I figured I was dating myself. That was from the good old days when you could tune into “WWCK Flint’s Best Rock” on a Sunday night and hear side 1 of Pink Floyd’s latest. :)

        (Right before King Biscuit Flower Hour)

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