3 things Snyder left unsaid at the State of the State

Watching Snyder give the State of the State address was one of the more difficult things I’ve had to do as a blogger. I was sitting in the “free speech corral” just dying to throw things at the screen. Who is Rick Snyder to talk about inclusion when he’s attacked the LGBT community time after time after time? Where does he get off talking about education when he has defunded so much? And does he really believe that he caused the economic recovery that started before he took office? I really wanted to just rip my heart out of my chest and throw it at his face, but I’m sure he would have used it as proof that he was winning the hearts of liberals everywhere.

So it was with some difficulty that I narrowed this list down to three, but they are three fun ones that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Let’s start with The James Group Int. This group got a shout out as successful small business, whose success is due in large part to the smart business practices of Snyder and his puppet masters in the legislature. What was unsaid: The fact that The James Group Intl is an automotive supplier that was in a great deal of pain before the big three came back. Thank you, President Obama and Governor Granholm, for helping out a Detroit business that has won multiple “Supplier of the Year” awards from GM and Ford.

Next, let’s address that “stupid” Michigan Business Tax. Snyder nearly broke him arm patting himself on the back for getting rid of the MBT. What was left unsaid? Snyder’s LG Brian Calley was one of the key players in crafting the MBT. Oopsy.

Finally, let’s take a look at that crazy legislation dealing with outhouse toilet seats. Snyder referenced a Michigan law that required people to put outhouse toilet seats down, as an example of crazy legislation. He said he answers to a “higher authority” at home, and he doesn’t need a state law for that. What was unsaid? Snyder probably doesn’t have an outhouse at home, and the law doesn’t apply to his toilet. The Michigan legal definition of an outhouse is here. Put simply, an outhouse is one of those structures where there’s a bench that sits over a sanitation tank. There’s a hole in the bench, and if you are lucky, there are toilet seats covering the hole so that it doesn’t attract flies (or so that some wandering toddler doesn’t fall in … eesh)

The department shall promulgate rules governing the construction and maintenance of outhouses to safeguard the public health and to prevent the spread of disease and the existence of sources of contamination.

Public outhouses are actually pretty gross, and if you ever did any traveling in the UP prior to the late 70’s, you probably ended up using one at a state rest area. They didn’t have sanitation systems in place back then. It’s sick as hell to try to use one of these outhouses if the seats aren’t kept down.

Snyder, Snyder, pants on fire. Tsk tsk.

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  1. Anyone who has ever had to use an outhouse in one of Michigan’s fine state parks on a hot summer day and finds the last “customer” left the seat up probably wishes that outhouse law was more aggressively enforced. Eeew.

  2. Totally forgot about state parks, I was just thinking of those nasty old rest areas and roadsides.

  3. Chuck Fellows says:

    RE: Comment about the James Group.

    The James Group is a minority owned and operated company that has been fighting for the the right of minorities to do business in this community for more years than than the authors of this blog have been on the planet.

    They represent one of the pioneers in this community seeking equality of opportunity whose success transcends both republican and democratic governance in this state.

    By the way, they are one of the few logistics companies that have taken on the sometimes questionable business tactics of the Moroun organization and survived. They have been a positive force in the West side and this state.

    Your statement about them is shortsighted and totally incorrect.

  4. Hi Chuck thanks for the comment. Are you sure you know what I’m saying here? Snyder wants to take some credit for helping the James Group, when in fact his policies would have hurt more than helped over the last few years.

    Your comments do not contradict what I said, especially in the context of Snyder’s State of the State. Also I would point out that the Republicans would do away with any sort of “minority owned” status in the state, as evidenced by their ongoing attack on affirmative action programs. So there’s another “what was unsaid” point in the State of the State.

    And, I’m more familiar with the James Group than what you may know, and I am confident in my comments here.

  5. Chuck Fellows says:

    Oh, I understand what you are trying to say and concur that Snyder and friends represent nothing more than a hollow chicken at the dinner table – all skin and bone, no meat!. They deserve no credit for economic or social progress.

    I take exception to using the James Group to make a point about Republicans’ long history of neglect. Pick your associations to make a
    point more carefully.

    In a backhanded way Snyder may have been trying to take a swipe at Moroun,a James Group competitor, but I doubt he and his staff are that bright.

    The James family have done a lot of good for our community and do not deserve to be associated with the bad things republicans have done and are doing. The James Group’s efforts do transcend administrations, especially their quiet but effective efforts to help the children of Detroit.

    And Jennifer and Barack have made it possible for Michigan to recover despite the Congressional and legislative idiocy presented by the thin thinkers of both parties. Snyder and company are actually benefiting from what Jennifer did while in office mopping up the horrible mess that Engler left and the current crop of republicans and their supporters refuse to acknowledge.

    Bad enough that John got invited but hard to resist when your oldest is being honored for his service to his country and the James Group can get a little positive publicity in a largely white business audience.

    Too bad you didn’t point out that Synder had a perfect opportunity to put the Bridge project on the front burner and shine a little light on the despicable tactics being used and bought into by members of his own party.

    Am I being too sensitive? Probably, but I spent too much of my working life fighting the raw discrimination in this state by the legislature, business leaders and business organizations to see a good name and tough (good tough) business organization disparaged by an association with a bunch of less than bright politicos.

  6. Snyder made the association, and frankly, had no business doing so.


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