State of the State tweetfest – just what is all this twitter code anyway?

So tonight is the night when the progressives all get together and listen to Governor Snyder brag about gutting the state. I don’t know about the rest of you but I usually celebrate this kind of thing with some Twitter smack-talk. If you’re new to all of this, here is some information that may be of assistance:

  • #MISOTS – the hashtag for the State of the State tweets
  • – the url to follow Progress Michigan’s real time through Twitter, Facebook, and video
  • RT – Retweet. Just like a repeat. Just like an email forward. Just like it sounds. Re. Tweet.
  • MT – Modified tweet. Can’t quite retweet? Modify & pass it on. Just preface it with MT @originalsource
  • PRT – Partial retweet. Again, just like is sounds.
  • HT – Hat tip. Got a link or a tip courtesy of someone else? Give them a HT.

And some helpful shorthand for tonight:

  • AYFKMWTS – Are you f—ing kidding me with this s—?
  • GTFOOH – Get the f— out of here
  • OH – Overheard
  • NFW – No f—ing way
  • FML – F— my life
  • FWIW – For what it’s worth
  • QOTD – quote of the day
  • BTW – By the way
  • BFN – Bye for now
  • AFAIK – As far as I know
  • STFU – Shut the f— up

And people:

I’m know I’m not getting everyone who will be in on the conversation, so please add your hashtag or handle in the comments so that you can be included!



(cannot believe I did not include @progressmich. Seriously Christine??? )

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  1. Hah! I just learned something. I always thought MT was “mention”.

    Another one I’ve seen is SMH – “Shaking my head”

  2. IMGG – “I miss Governor Granholm”

  3. Graham Davis says:

    I’ll be on at @grahamdavis

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