Pimp Daddy Rick Jones says he won’t tolerate no sexual misbehavin’

Yo yo yo.

Rob South has a new article on the Lansing pimps, in which he reports that Senator Rick “Pimp Daddy” Jones claims that he has never ‘”personally witnessed” sexual misbehavior in the legislature.’

[Jones] says in hindsight he made a “poor choice of words” but says he did not intend it to be an overtly sexual insult to Rossman. …. Jones says he wouldn’t tolerate sexist behavior and would report it if he saw it.

Well since he didn’t see the use of the term “hooker” as sexist, we’re pretty sure that he won’t see any other sexist behavior either.

Meanwhile Rob also makes the observation that the term “media whore” is often used in newsrooms and it doesn’t carry sexual connotations. That may be true, but liberal talk show / MSNBC host Ed Schultz was recently suspended for calling Laura Ingraham a “talk slut.” So clearly there are times when these words are offensive.

Maybe Laura is just a talk show hooker instead?

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