Feel free to Facebook stalk her too

Since everyone is chatting about Pimp Daddy Rick Jones’ hooker comment and Gretchen Whitmer’s response, I thought it would be a fine time to remind everyone about douchebag Bryan Brandenburg. Remember this:

Subject: 25/F/Capitol Building.

“Hey guys,

“I know it’s slow today so I thought I’d help a friend out. [NAME DELETED] broke up with her man yesterday and is now single and looking. She’s a dem, but she’s hot. Go visit her in [HER EMPLOYER’S NAME] office or send her a message on Groupwise. Good luck!!


“ps. feel free to facebook stalk her too lol”

That email message was sent to the entire Republican legislative staff as a “joke.”

Funny stuff, if you’re a Republican.

More on GOPMisogyny: Progress Michigan – The “hooker thing”: Get over it?

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  1. I’m glad you brought this back up. It really reinforces Whitmer’s point. To summarize: A huge number of GOP men are complete swine.

  2. Along the lines of sexism, I think it should be pointed out that former Rep. Paul Scott fathered a child with his staffer. In other words, he was her boss. Obviously, it was consensual, but a boss having sex with a subordinate can, at the very least, can create a hostile work environment.


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