Number one comedy tour in the country now a top selling album

The right loves to tell us how the free market rules and dictates what we will consume, and that’s allegedly why liberal talk radio is confined to a few weak radio stations. However, the number one comedy tour in the country is turning that argument on its ear.

The Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour has been selling out venues all over the country, including the Detroit Opera House, since it launched last April in Madison, WI, and it has earned $1 million so far, despite the show donating to a local liberal cause at every stop on the tour. The show features liberal radio host Stephanie Miller – who can be hard every morning on Detroit’s WDTW 1310-AM – and liberal comedians John Fugelsang and Hal Sparks. The tour became one of the highest grossing touring events of 2011, and it has been nominated for 4 Pollstar awards, that recognizes the concert industry, including nominations for Best Tour and Best Lead Comedy Performer; Stephanie Miller.

The tour has also spawned a comedy album that was just released on Dec. 13, and it has quickly shot up the Billboard Comedy Album Charts; sitting at No. 3 for the second straight week. It has done this despite the fact that there is no actual CD; it’s still just a download. The album was only out a week before it hit the charts at No. 3.

The tour has sold out in places where Miller is not on the air, and in some places where no liberal talk is even on the air. I just wonder how long people are going to accept the false argument that liberal talk will not sell in the face of this success, and when some radio station that lies to make money will cash in ion liberal talk radio.

A perfect example of the lie that liberal radio is not successful is when Detroit radio station WXYT-AM (1270) switched last fall from a sports format to more syndicated right-wing psycho talk. It made no sense then why we would get more psycho talk in a blue state in one of the most liberal cites in America, and it makes less sense today.

It makes you wonder why conservatives and radio program directors hate capitalism.

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  1. I have listened to this album (twice actually) and it is positively a stitch. The segment where John Fugelsang does his incredibly accurate impersonation of Chris Matthews interviewing a panel but never allows anyone else to speak is, on its own, worth the price of admission. Highly recommended!

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