First Shift with Tony Trupiano

If you’re looking for some great Michigan progressive talk, check out Tony Trupiano’s show. First Shift with Tony Trupiano airs 6a-9a, Mon-Fri, on 1310am. You can stream it through the heart network, or download the podcasts.

BFM and Chris aka Eclectablog will be on First Shift at 8.35am Monday mornings. We’ll be doing a progressivesphere round-up to bring attention to the issues being covered by Michigan bloggers. Very cool stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll be on to discuss blogging and the 83 County Project. It’s going to be about 10 minutes, please listen in and let us know what you think. Chris will be picking up the segment next week, and I hope he’ll be talking a little bit about Snyder’s Little Dictators. He really is the grassroots expert on the Emergency Manager subject.

Very cool stuff coming up in 2012. Big BFM thanks to Tony Trupiano for bringing the blogosphere to his show!!

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