Snyder cites Bloomberg, announces he will run for a second term

… despite the 19% approval rating …

If you don’t want to bother watching the video, here’s the skinny;

*He doesn’t take criticism personally
*He likes the job of Governor
*Small businesses have added jobs as a result of the tax cuts that are paid for by the seniors and the poor
*Bloomberg’s evaluation of Michigan’s recovering economy (2nd best in nation) is due to his policies
*He has a vision of a second term

“That’s the intention,” he confirms. “A ten-year plan — two years running and eight years in office.”

At the Mackinac Republican Leadership (barf) Convention in September, Snyder was talking about retiring so that “better, smarter people” could take over. I’m shocked that it turned out to be untrue.

Not the big walk-across-a-carpet-and-touch-the-tv shocked, but still pretty darned shocked.

But like I said on the original article, I do give him credit for announcing the 2nd term. It isn’t like Rick Snyder to tell people what he’s going to do.

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  1. Good story, but someone needs to explain the picture of Snyder in the cow cape.

    • Snyder is One Tough Nerd :) That’s actually half the picture, the bottom half of the picture is him stomping on Michigan with his left foot. Anyway I couldn’t resist. (Cow = Gateway)

  2. Snarky Anderson says:

    I give Snyder 7 chances in 10 of winning re-election, 2 chances in 10 that he’ll lose the GOP primary, and only 1 chance in 10 that a Democrat will beat him. Right now the Michigan Democratic Party is on life support and won’t emerge from its coma until there’s new leadership at the top–which is about as likely as the Eastern Michigan Hurons winning next year’s BCS championship.

    • Plus we have the problem that nobody pays attention to anything except how they feel. The automotive / manufacturing driven recovery is kicking in, and Snyder is taking credit for it. People are going to think that his steal from the poor to give to the rich policies are working.

      But maybe by then the unions will be tired of being ass-raped and they will help do something about the MDP. Maybe.

      • Well, people in Michigan still feel pretty ticked off, as well as worried.

        The unemployment rating in Michigan is still piss poor, there’s not many jobs out there, and the jobs that are available are usually around 8-9 bucks an hour.

        To top it off, you have a new tax on retired people, who noticed that as their taxes were being raised, business taxes were taking a massive cut.

        The only problem the MDP has (as well as the DNC) is that they haven’t shown themselves to be a large difference between themselves and the GOP. They’re both beholden to wealthy special interest groups, not the people.

  3. Michigans recovery has more to do with the revival of GM, and grassroot efforts to buy Michigan products. Michigan would be even better off, if it wasn’t for this Dictator.

  4. Hector Solon says:

    This is a Word Cloud of the Rick Snyder Interview with the Detroit Free Press on December 7, 2011. What does it say to you?

    Says to me “People, things just going good… really.”

    Can’t make one for earlier interviews, there just isn’t enough content, unless one transcripts all the video as well.

    Still don’t think a second term is in his plans, just look at his career/life patterns to date, it would be a major change for him.

  5. Hector Solon says:

    AGAIN WORD CLOUD of the Rick Snyder Interview with the Detroit Free Press on December 7, 2011.

    Dang it, some of us still need preview for comments.

    • Thanks for the word cloud. For some reason it has a creepy feel of GWB to it. Without the 8 thousand references to freedom and 9/11.

      I’ll have to work on that preview thing.


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