Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Gets The Job Done – Mark Brewer, Not So Much

Today, Mike Tait, chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party announced that Wisconsin has collected over 500,000 signatures for the recall of Governor Scott Walker.

Wisconsin is well on its way to an election to toss Scott Walker out of office.

As a member of the Democratic Party, I wonder why won’t Mark Brewer, Chair of the Democratic Party in Michigan, get behind a recall effort of Governor Rick Snyder. Snyder’s policies and those of the Republicans in Michigan have been even more devastating to democracy in Michigan than Walker’s policies in Wisconsin, yet Brewer sits on the sidelines, leaving the grassroots to try to recall Snyder with no assistance from the Democratic Party of Michigan.

Maybe it’s time to get elect a new chair of the Democratic Party of Michigan, one that will stand with the people of the state of Michigan in an attempt to get our democracy back from the radical politicians occupying the state house in Lansing.

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  1. Why don’t the Michigan Dems and other outspoken activists get involved or support the Snyder recall? Because Michigan progressives are afraid that if we do something, we might be successful and we might not like the outcome. Either that, or we won’t be successful, and we might not like the outcome. Scary stuff. Better to stick to the Internet and wax intellectual about the awesome strategy of nothingness.

  2. Christine, what outcome do you think the Dems and outspoken activists are afraid of getting.

    • I think it’s,

      1. looking like a crybaby, sore-loser, etc.
      2. spending money and then facing the possibility of not having money later
      3. getting a bigger monster than the one they already have. Case in point, the many people who cited that brian calley was worse than snyder.
      4. wasting their time on something that they think can’t possibly work.

      All of those things aside, Snyder recently mentioned the situations in Ohio and Wisconsin as evidence that Right to Work for Less is too divisive for MI. So a Snyder recall may or may not be successful, but we do know two things:

      1. nothing is successful if you don’t try
      2. you never know who or what you will inspire, even if you fail

  3. Snarky Anderson says:

    Mark Brewer is an atrocious state chairman, but he’s the symptom of an even worse problem: the Michigan Democratic Party itself. it is sclerotic, insular, and averse to change. The MDP–and the aging UAW hacks who still dominate it–reminds me of the Soviet Politburo during the Brezhnev era.

    My MDP membership expires next month. I have no plans to renew it.

  4. Well, Snarky, why don’t you tell us what you really think? I had it when Brewer said he was sending volunteers to help out in Wisconsin, but wouldn’t get behind the recall in Michigan.

    What kind of leader of a state party does that?

  5. The MDP needs a change of leadership as does the State. We have too many white haired men (and women) with stale old white bread ideas. Just what has MB done to develop a new generation of leaders in Michigan – he’s only had twenty years to do it. As to the UAW, they can control their delegates, not their membership.

  6. The problem with the MDP is the same problem the Democratic Party has in general.

    Instead of trying to get money out of politics, they try to get as much money as they can. This ends up making them just as beholden to the 1% as the Republicans.


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