Occupy our Homes on Tony Tupiano’s First Shift this morning

Zachary Steve will be on First Shift this morning at 7.50am to discuss the Detroit Occupy our Homes initiative.

The Occupy our Homes (Detroit) organizing meeting takes place tomorrow at 6pm, at the Arab Community Cntr for Economic & Social Svcs,** 2651 Saulino Ct, Dearborn, MI 48120-1556.

The Occupy Detroit organization meets tomorrow at 5.30, and has some overlapping goals with Occupy our Homes. I’m not sure of the difference between the groups or why they wouldn’t work together. (Maybe they will). If someone has the answer, please let us know in the comments :)

Tony Trupiano’s show can be heard live at www.thetonyshow.org

**Shh. Don’t tell Lowe’s

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  1. jerry lane says:

    you must be joking that the nfl has a strong union. if it had a strong union it would not have a salary cap or toilet paper contracts. nfl players are nothing highly paid slaves, but slaves never the less.

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