Power and Rothwell confused on progress

Who the hell is Phil Power????

This guy has a serious misunderstanding of the distinction between “progress” and “activity.” I mentioned this once before when he claimed that Snyder’s leadership and momentum was refreshing, coherent, blah blah bromance blah. Phil’s article was either amateur political analysis or deliberately misleading reporting, and it was debunked easily enough.

Now Phil’s at it again, with the same high quality Poweresque analysis that he demonstrated in that last article.

In what might be the single most important trend in 2011, the political and legislative gridlock that had bedeviled Michigan for nearly a decade was broken, replaced by high legislative output and a spirit of collaboration between Gov. Snyder and the Republican-controlled Legislature. One-party control tends to grease the skids for legislative work, though. It is our hope that Snyder, legislators and others can create a culture of bipartisanship that Michigan needs in the long term.

Isn’t that a peach? “High legislative output” is what he calls it, then he offers the minor caveat of “one-party control” and chases it with a whispered hope for long-term bipartisanship.

Yes, “high legislative output” is the new black. Legislative output has been so high, that the Michigan Catholic League all but begged the legislature to slow down to consider the impact that the legislation would have on Michigan’s children. Unfortunately the legislature couldn’t hear them over the sound of all that productivity. Legislative output has been so high that the Republicans in control of our legislature don’t even know what they’re passing. Can’t catch more than a glimpse of the bill when it’s flyin’ past you on the greasy skids of one-party rule.

Phil says that as the year comes to a close, we have much to be thankful for, due to productivity of this government. Watch for Phil’s next article, in which he explains why the Japanese should be grateful for the way that the tsunami revamped a few coastal towns.

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  1. Snarky Anderson says:

    Phil Power’s sell-by date was sometime in 1985.

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