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Our former Gov JMG is coming to town to spend the holidays with the family. But she’ll also be spending Black Friday (ack!) with anyone who visits AJ’s Music Café between 2.30 – 4.00 pm. She’ll be there to sign her book, “A Governor’s Story.” Believe me, it is well worth the trip to pick up the book and have it personalized, if you haven’t already. More info on the book signing here. A Macomb Daily article on the Gov here.

GOP Rubber Stamp Dave Camp says we have a debt crisis and a jobs crisis. Interesting. Lowest taxes in years, and yet we have a jobs crisis.

Looks like we’re picking up a cool $150m to invest in the Chicago-Detroit rail. The grant will allow us to improve the track and signals along the corridor. Woot! More info here.

And finally, it looks like Mr. Eclectablog got the short straw this time. His article, “Almost (got away with it) secret hearing on Mich Workers Compensation changes happening TODAY! “ was mocked reported on by the one …

the only …

wait for it …

Susan Demas!!!

Susan’s report was pithy, relevant, and just plain genius. Check it out:

Mr. Eclectablog argues that the media will be ignoring the hearing because lawmakers are on break:

In order to sneak this through, Sen. Mark Jansen, the chair of the Senate Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing Committee is holding hearing on the bill NEXT WEEK. Why is this significant? Because the Senate is still on their fall break next week and it’s a holiday week, virtually assuring poor attendance and minimal press and coverage.

Yes, it’s two days before Thanksgiving. But last time I checked, reporters don’t get the week off.

Well I was anxious to check out the media coverage of the hearing, so today I googled, “Michigan Workers Compensation hearing November” and this is what I got …

Looks like if not for mocking Mr. Electablog Eclectablog, there’d be no media coverage at all.

What was that hashtag Susan used on Eclectablog?

Oh, that’s right.


Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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  1. To be fair, I also googled “Michigan Workers Compensation” and once you get through the official government links and the sponsored links, you get a lovely piece from Michigan Radio. Sandwiched between BFM and Eclectablog.

    yuk yuk yuk


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