Horrific Pics of Yesterday’s Massive Lake Michigan Coal Ash Spill

This info first posted by Anna Marie Hitt needs to be posted EVERYWHERE:


What’s that?

THAT is a picture from JSOnline.com of coal ash spilling into Lake Michigan yesterday October 31, 2011. That yellow and red box falling into the water…those are semi trailers. You know, for scale. Thank GOD the likes of Michigan’s 2nd congressional district Republican Bill Huizenga just killed tougher coal ash dumping rules along with the Republican controlled US congress.

Having a lakeshore representative who actually gives a rip about the Great Lakes would be asking too much. Cuz the current coal ash dumping rules have made our lives a friggin’ paradise with over 20% U6 unemployment. Thanks, congressman. Now we can have our unemployment with more mercury! Mmmm.

Here’s another:

And here’s a link to the whole disgusting photo shoot.

“A large section of bluff collapsed Monday next to the We Energies Oak Creek Power Plant, sending dirt, coal ash and mud cascading into the shoreline next to Lake Michigan and dumping a pickup truck, dredging equipment, soil and other debris into the lake.”

To the folks lined up in opposition to offshore wind power on some misguided or made up concern for our waters, take a good hard look. That coal ash……that’s an unregulated material for dumping purposes, and loaded with arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and all sorts of other nasty stuff….

…and guess what? Because Michigan is ENTIRELY within the Great Lakes water basin, that toxic sludge is getting into our lakes NO MATTER WHERE coal power plants dump their ash in Michigan. It’s just sort of filtering right on down through the earth and into the water.

Ever wonder why many of our fish are loaded with mercury? Or why somehow mercury levels in inland fish is on the rise?

Take a good, hard look. Cuz that stuff is oozing into our lakes EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Between this and the half a BILLION fish killed by coal and nuke cooling systems every year, it should be pretty obvious to anybody that coal plants have been poisoning the Great Lakes for most of a century, making our fish inedible, and grinding them up in their cooling systems along with half a billion other aquatic organisms. The folks in Wisconsin by the We Energies powerplant sure as heck know it today…they’re being given bottled water and told not to drink the now toxic well water at their homes.

Anybody who tells you that we’re not subsidizing coal, and living every day with its disastrous consequences to our wildlife, our health, and our wallets is in the thrall of some serious self denial


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  1. Yuck!!

    …and this (and your identical article on kos) is the only place I’m reading / hearing about this??

  2. I just did a search, and found an article in the Charleston WV Gazette (the angle there is worry that this will harm coal’s pristine reputation), Sierra News, Mother Jones, Earthwatch, etc. — no general national media have picked it up (sigh).

  3. Robert Beltran says:

    Some 25 years ago I was part of a team in EPA reviewing an application by We Energies (then WEPCO) to dispose of its fly ash (fine coal ash) in Lake Michigan. The application was denied. I can’t help wondering if some corporate genius decided that if they dumped the stuff as close as possible to the edge of the unstable lake bluff, natural erosion would eventually take care of the problem, especially if they constructed a retention pond behind it so the underlying soils would become saturated and eventually give way. Just, as I say, wondering.

  4. Lorrie Lauterberg says:

    Since you are from Muskegon, may I ask, what about the “fly ash field” that is along the causeway between Muskegon and North Muskegon, after seeing this pic, the thought of that field really grosses me out too! Also, any idea how much Muskegon lake has been affected by this?

    And they have not even begun the new fracking yet…………..this all makes me sick.

  5. It’s not denial, it’s greed, plain and simple

  6. This happened in Wisconsin. While DEMOCRAT Governor Jim Doyle was still in office, leaders of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Public Service Commission objected to EPA’ s move to regulate coal ash, saying Wisconsin had already demonstrated its ability to regulate ash. The Milwaukee County Executive (where the plant is located) is a DEMOCRAT. Also, Republicans do not control the US Congress. They control the House of Representatives. Sheesh – get your facts straight. You hurt the environmental movement with such petty partisan propaganda.

  7. p.s. The U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 4th congressional district, where the plant is located, is a DEMOCRAT (Gwen Moore). Gwen voted to PREVENT tough standards for coal ash disposal.

  8. Get YOUR facts straight, Bill. The EPA is being done away with by your Republicans in the house. The senate as been controlled by means of the Filibuster (meaning the Republicans forbid discussion on bills and will not leet any pass). SO, REPUBLICANS run the congress. PERIOD.

  9. Wow, why was this not in the news? This is pretty serious. Why did the land give? I am from California and this would of been breaking news. First of all why is everyone depending on a disfunk federal government. What about state government acting on it’s own to protect the state resources and the citizens. The state of Michigan is really sad. They do not take care of the people whom live in this state. It is obvious that they do not care for the land. So sad as it is so beautiful. I am moving to Grand Haven nest week and was considering upping my lease to a year long lease, but now I am wondering how to get out of it if this is the type of thing that happens. From what I see is that the area is a toxic dump site.


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