Occupy Flint is winterizing. Your help is requested.


We are from the Command Center of Occupy Flint, Second and MLKing Downtown Flint West of the Durant Hotel. In order to design, build operate a more sustainable long term demonstration support facility which uses maximum efficiency of our resources, including investments and donations… we need some things of a utility nature. Knowing this, we have proposed to construct is Two-Phase which is explained below.

Phase 1 – For heat, we will shift away from propane as a cooking/heating fuel to a reliable wood stove/water-heater system for cooking and domestic hot water and space heating using radiant hydronics. This is solar water heating supplemented by cord-wood fuel distributed from insulated from ground-double bubble) for tents. We would have a heated patio under the big-top which includes insulated walls of straw bales. The ceiling would be also insulated from double-bubble.

Phase 2- For electricity, we have 420 watts of PV Panels. “J” personally has 370 more watts and a 48 Volt 720 Watt Wind Generator. We have 2 180 amp/hr batteries, though we need a more robust and reliable power supply for communications, lighting and operations electronics.

We have big solar panels, charge control, wiring, 3 4×12 aluminum and glass solar water heaters, wood stoves, wind generator, tower, and 12 volt inverters.

These are things we need;
(8) New golf-cart batteries
(1) 600 watt sine-wave inverter, heavy-duty 48 Volt
(3) PV Pumps, Ivan Labs, el sid 2-5w, 1-10w 24 Volt
(1) Art Tech solar thermal control, 24 or 48 Volt.
150-200ft soft copper tubing ½ inch
1000ft pex tubing and assorted fittings
(2) 6-8ft x 125ft rolls of foil double-bubble insulation
Patio pavers, new or used
An RV drain water tank for grey water sink only
(2-4) 48-50gal food barrels. Used are $20.00 each.
(1-2) Voltage Converters (Solar Converters Inc.) 48 Volt to adjustable output amp, 2-10 amp and 48 Volt to 24 Volt 10 amp
(150-200) Straw bales, workshops (educational purposes) and donor recognition to be held as a ceremony.

When you decide to help ,stop by the camp, contact us on facebook ,
Occupy Flint General Assembly and Discussion Group or
Occupy Flint Free Discussion group or
join my page Terry Bankert or call be directly at 810-730-6427 or email terry@attorneybankert.com

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  1. Hope things will be better for the members of Occupy Flint. Wish all the best for you guys and keep up the good fight.

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