Ari Adler smacked down by Autumn Smith

Just a quick follow up to Eclectablog’s work here. In the comments in this MLive article, Ari Adler (pictured) said this,

My comment was specifically about the petition that Autumn Smith was circulating and collecting signatures on. That petition was never approved by the county elections commission for having met clarity standards. Therefore, that petition was illegal and the signatures collected would not have been valid. I was not suggesting the recall was illegal.

Ari B. Adler
Press Secretary
Speaker of the House Jase Bolger

Oh, but the Judge said no

No they weren’t illegal. I have in my hands a 8 page court ruling stating that they aren’t. Bolger just lost his appeal on all merits. Any other propaganda you want to throw out there to try to stall and block the recall? Spreading rumors that the petitions are “illegal” could be deemed as trying to interfere with a recall and you know what? Interfering with a recall is illegal.

Thanks to all those who support the recall. Stay tuned!

Oh that’s right. Interfering with a recall is illegal, Ari. Unfortunately you guys usually get away with your election-related crimes.

Hey folks if you tweet about this, be sure to include @aribadler.

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  1. Awesome! Great follow-up!

  2. Autumn Smith says:

    Thanks! I love the headline. I usually don’t comment under my own press…but I couldn’t resist when Ari put himself out there like that! LOL He is still hinting the petitions are illegal, check out his quote in the Battle Creek Enquirer:

    Adler said Thursday that Bolger believes any signatures Smith has collected are still invalid. “We need to take a look at this and see if there will be any more appeals,” he said of the ruling.

    Adler said Bolger’s position was still that the petition language is unclear and that the separation of powers issue is a concern with statewide ramifications.


  3. interesting — you realize of course the article you link to asserts that Autumn smith GAVE UP her recall attempt?

    Why no effort to call out Mickey Ciokajlo on his August 31st article? Because I doubt, per your & Electablog’s reporting, she EVER said anything like this:

    “BATTLE CREEK — The Calhoun County woman who was targeting Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger for recall has dropped the effort, the Battle Creek Enquirer reports.

    Autumn Smith, of Emmett Township, told the newspaper that she was giving up because she was frustrated with the process and Bolger’s challenges to her petitions.”

  4. Autumn Smith says:

    I had done a press release the day before saying I was putting the brakes on the recall, you are correct. Then aprox 24-48 hours AFTER the story ran in the paper, I received the decision from the Judge. The decision from the judge does change things now and I am regrouping with my people and deciding where to go from here. My role if we push forward will change, as things going on in my life have changed. I will fully support and help as much as I can should someone else pick this up and continue. I will still be involved as this recall and petitions are filed under my name.

  5. Autumn,

    I thought Mickey Ciokajlo’s article still did you a profound disservice, stating you were giving up, that you’d been harrassed into submission. Electablog says you’re going back to school and understand you can’t fight a flotilla of lawyers and do school too. Very different.

    Ciokajlo of course also completely missed the blatant and illegal abuse of power wielded by Ari Adler, Bolger and the hired guns busily violating the law to prevent your lawful recourse to the recall petition. It’s as though the journalists ignore the news, and the lawyers ignore the law; leaving everybody else to supply the integrity to uphold the law, the principle to speak the truth, and the fight to maintain civilized society.

  6. Autumn Smith says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled with the way me ending the recall was portrayed in that article. I started this recall in late April-early May. Back then I figured I would spend my summer doing the recall and by fall it would be done with, successful or not. Instead I spent my summer in and out of Election Commission meetings, court cases and on the phone speaking to a slew of lawyers and legal people. I decided to put the brakes on the recall for many reasons…I am starting a new semester of school, I am having health problems and also I had no idea how long Bolger and the court was going to keep this tied up. Yes I was frustrated with what was going on…but that was only one reason out of many as to why I needed to end my role in this.
    If you are interested in getting the facts, at least about this recall feel free to visit my Recall MI Speaker of the House Facebook page. I am very transparent and I publish court documents and any legal papers regarding the recall.

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