Major update regarding recall of Mich Gov Rick Snyder

The original deadline for the petition drive to put the recall of Michigan governor Rick Snyder expired. However, recall organizers have elected to continue their effort. From my latest piece at A2Politico:

Perhaps the biggest challenge for the recall organizers has been the extremely short period of time Michigan laws allow for the collection of petition signatures. The petition language is approved for 180 days. However, the signatures must be gathered within a 90-day window. To get the recall question on a statewide ballot, recall organizers need to collect just over 800,000 valid signatures. With a target of a million or more and only 90 days in which to gather them, the challenge is formidable, to be sure.

The original deadline for gathering signatures passed last week and organizers were considerably short of their goal. However, they are not stopping their effort. Although they won’t be able to get the recall on the November 2011 ballot, they are still planning to move forward.

The Committee to recall Rick Snyder (CRRS) has decided to extend this petition drive. Here’s how it all works.

The petition as it passed clarity is valid for 180 days. The signatures that we submit to the SOS have to have been collected in a 90-day window period. That 90-day window can thus move forward, allowing us to extend our signature gathering period.

The only caveat to doing this is that with every day that we extend the drive, a day of signature gathering is lost. For example, we will drop off the period May 21st to July 1st when signature gathering was slow. That will as of today, extend our petition drive to roughly September 29th.

The diagram below is based on our best projection as we still do not have final figures to say with certainty what we will need during this timeframe. It’s close and if anything we err on the safe/conservative side.

As you can see, given the current momentum, it is totally within the mathematical realm of possibility that we will be able to collect the less than 800,000 signatures in the remaining 60 days. We will lose less than 10,000 signatures if we drop the period May 21st through June 30th. We will keep the more than 300,000 we collected during the month on July. In effect that gives us a starting month count of over 300,000 signatures. One can hardly wish for a better start.

NOTE: If you signed a petition to recall Governor Snyder in MAY or JUNE, you need to sign a new petition. And if you haven’t signed one yet, you need to correct that IMMEDIATELY!!!

Read more about the effort, including how they have joined forces with the Michigan Forward effort to repeal the Emergency Manager Law at A2Politico.

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  1. I haven’t seen or heard of any petitions to sign for recall in my area. Where do I go to sign. Maybe part of the problem in getting enough signatures is “getting the word out and where to sign up”…Please, give me a location. Thanks

  2. The top 5 things that scare me for this country's survival:
    1. The Citizen's United decision by the Supreme Court
    2. Voter Suppression
    3. The suppression of Net Neutrality
    4. ALEC
    5. Lack of intrest in politics by the VOTER and their voting against their own interest.
    Gov. Rick Snyder embodies the first 4.  Number 5 is up to us.  We all need to start paying attention.  And probably the ones reading on this site are.  But don't you know alot of people who are out of the loop and just don't care? Talk to them…

    • Concerning the corporate donations to political campaigns:
      Of the top 16 contributors, 13 were unions for Democrats and the 3 non-union contributors were divided.
      In addition, among the non-union donations toward Republicans, most were "moderately" towards Republicans.  ALL the union ones were STRONGLY for Democrats.
      In short, unions are by far – to an incredible degree – the ones that are controlling the campaigns by contributing huge sums of money.

      • A union is not a corporation. It is not a for-profit entity. It is a collection of individuals. Corporations exist for one reason and one reason only: to make money for its shareholders. Unions exist to protect the rights of individual workers in a collective fashion.

        You are a fool spewing right-wing talking points that are glib and sound reasonable until you scratch a tiny bit below the surface.

        Destroy unions and you’ll destroy the middle class. Pretty much the tea party dream, eh, “Citizen”?

        Have a thumbs-down, foolish citizen.

        • I am not spewing any talking points at all: I provided data with the link to prove what I stated.  You are name-calling and insulting; I am trying to avoid labeling and hope to generate discussion.
          There is no plan to "destroy" unions at all, of course.  They are not being outlawed, and employees can form them, even in RTW states. 
          Wisconsin voted; you should listen.  Union membership has been declining since WWII.  The middle class did well when unions were first declining.

      • Mark E. Miller says:

        Your use of the statistics at the page you cite from opensecrets is misleading, because it is including national unions, which are industry-wide, as well as individual corporations. Of course, the workers at those national unions are working for individual companies which collectively may be contributing more to campaigns (or contributing to 527s to influence them) than the union total.
        The reality is a bit more balanced than either side likes to pretend. At another page at opensecrets:
        …you can find the total amount of money spent BY or ON BEHALF OF Federal candidates since 1998. I added the amounts by party; it's $11.3 billion for Democrats, and $11.1 billion for Republicans.
        But this is not merely a partisan issue. You made it one by your response. Julie merely said that "Citizens United" scares her (same here). You took it in a partisan direction.
        The reality is that if the Republicans are owned by Wall Street, half the Democrats are as well. Campaign spending by corporations, including contributions to many of those very same Democrats being supported by union contributions that has you so exercised, is a bi-partisan problem that dilutes our democracy in favor of corporate interests.

    • Voter suppression is not happening at all:
      " Voters would have to show a Wisconsin driver's licenses, state-issued ID cards, military IDs, passports, naturalization certificates, IDs issued by a Native American tribe based in Wisconsin OR certain student IDs"  (Emphasis mine)
      That is not very much to ask.  Two questions:
      1. There is an incredible variety in which people can prove they are who they say they are.  Is that too much to ask?  It seems like it could help reduce fraud or illegal aliens voting, for example.
      2. Why does this "ID" issue affect one group more than the other?  Do Democrats not have IDs but Republicans do?  Please explain.

      • Mark E. Miller says:

        Oh please.

        According to a recent UW-Milwaukee study, those without state-issued photo ID who would need to obtain one to vote under the Voter ID Bill include:
        •    23 percent of Wisconsinites over the age of 65.
        •    17 percent of white men and women.
        •    55 percent of African American males and 49percent of African American women.
        •    46 percent of Hispanic men and 59percent of Hispanic women.
        •    78 percent of African American males age 18-24 and 66 percent of African American women age 18-24.
        The Interfaith Council of Greater Milwaukee says the photo ID requirement

        would be an unnecessary impediment to many low-income people along with elderly or disabled people who live in their own homes. And the restrictions it places on the use of college IDs for voting would unfairly disenfranchise many students.


        Do Democrats not have IDs but Republicans do?  Please explain.

        "Yes." This has been another in the series, "Simple answers to stupid questions."

  3. concerned michigander says:

    I got a robocall tonight warning that petitions we might sign are possibly not legitimate but instead are sent overseas and somehow, is the suggestion, our signatures will be misused.  Did anyone else get this and do you know where it came from?  Think it's an attempt to discourage signing of petitions (for recall?).  

    • I haven't heard about that.  Have you told the Fire Snyder people?  Wow that's interesting.  If anyone else gets a call like that, please try to record it so we can publish it.


      thanks :)

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