Local citizens take action to hold Jeff Farrington accountable for cuts to education, taxes on seniors

Local workers and citizens went door-to-door today in Sterling Heights to tell their neighbors about Rep. Jeff Farrington’s (R-Harrison Twp) dangerous votes to cut $500 million from local K-12 schools and raise taxes on seniors’ pensions by over $330 million. The group also released this video highlighting Farrington’s votes:

“Jeff Farrington needs to get his priorities straight,” said Bruce Dunbar, an electrical worker from Sterling Heights. “First Farrington said ‘education is the best investment a society can make,’ but then he voted to slash our local K-12 schools to give a $2 billion tax break to wealthy corporations that outsource jobs. Instead of balancing the budget on the backs of our students and seniors, Farrington should focus on creating jobs and rebuilding our economy.”

On his 2010 campaign website, Farrington said, “Education is the best investment a society can make,” and “Let’s fund higher education properly.” However, according to the Detroit News, 125 education workers were laid off in Utica following Farrington’s vote to slash education funding. Additionally, the Associated Press has reported that, “College students this fall will pay more than twice as much in tuition at the state's 15 public universities as students paid 10 years ago, taking about $5,000 more out of their pockets.”

During the 2010 camapign, Farrington also said, “I'll work hard to achieve a balanced budget without raising taxes!” However, according to a recent story by the Associated Press, the $330 million pension tax bill Farrington voted for will cost, “an average of $870 per tax return filed by retirees.” 

Over the past month, local workers and residents have gone door-to-door in eight state House districts to discuss state politicians’ recent votes to cut education and slash unemployment benefits. More community activities are planned in legislators’ districts throughout the summer.

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  1. Tom Novak says:

    It might be a good idea if those leading these recall drives would post where they are collecting signatures.

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