The People’s News 7/14/11

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Macomb DailySurprise! School taxes up in many Macomb districts and MCC – Macomb Community College and more than a dozen local school districts across the county have quietly boosted property taxes, and officials blame the increase on the same dramatically lower property values that have caused cash-strapped homeowners to deal with foreclosures and “under water” mortgages. Taxpayers who received their summer tax bills in recent days probably didn’t notice the difference, but they will be paying more to offset the tough economic times that have cut into property tax revenues.

Booth: Michigan Senate approves tighter 48 month welfare limit – More than 12,600 welfare recipients and their children will lose monthly checks averaging $511 effective Oct. 1. The Senate passed a House bill today that imposes a strict 48-month time limit on benefits. There is no grandfather clause in the measure, approved 24-12, which tightens the original 2006 benefits cap that allowed for benefit extensions if the recipient was in job training or unable to work. That means most recipients who are or will be past 48 months on Oct. 1 will be cut off.

APReport: MSU, Wayne St could lose $31M in funding – A government report says Michigan State University and Wayne State University have exceeded a 7 percent tuition increase cap. The Detroit News reports Wednesday that both schools say their increases are below the cap. Michigan State could lose $18.3 million in funding and Wayne State could lose up to $12.8 million if state budget director John Nixon rules against the schools.

MLive: Dearborn plant wins $730m federal grant to make lightweight steel for fuel-efficient cars - Severstal North America has won a $730 million federal loan to retool its Dearborn manufacturing headquarters and produce lightweight, high-strength steel for the fuel-efficient vehicles of the future.
U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the loan this morning on a conference call with several members of Michigan's congressional delegation, including Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Sen. Carl Levin and Rep. John Dingell.

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  1. re: Macomb — this is just one of the ways that public school costs are increasingly shifting to the locals.  School districts are also starting to require students to bring their own computers.  Public schools have to do whatever they can to save $$. 

    • Mishima says:

      It would be better to cut teachers' salaries than to require students to bring their own computers.  Some students may not be able to afford computers.

      • It would be better to fund schools. 

        • We all have to cut back.  All government spending must decrease if we want to preserve our way of life.  The typical response of the Left to such a statement winds up deflecting the essence completely and accusing the person of wanting to support big business, help corporations, or lower taxes for the rich, but I do not think that you will do that because it is only a way to avoid the truth, of course.  And you seem to want truth and open discussion, don't you?
          There have been claims that "right-wingers" want to divide and shut down debate and honest exchanges, so I will assume that you do not want to do such a thing.  Am I correct in thinking this?
          But it appears that there are some people who want to shut down any disagreement on this and other threads.  I wonder why……

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