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So I’m off cleaning up the BFM Facebook page and I see our friend Patricia left us a note,

Patricia is referring us to this article – If You Read This, Governor Rick Snyder and Fox 2 News Political Pundit Tim Skubick Might Think You’re Stupid. I saw Snyder’s remarks awhile ago and ignored them, because Rick Snyder thinks EVERYONE is stupid. There ain’t nothing special about bloggers. And I didn’t know about Tim’s post, but I can’t imagine anyone would care about my opinion of his opinion. (I don’t even care about my opinion of his opinion) But I did want to point out something interesting that I realized a few years ago.

The press hates the bloggers. The bloggers hate the press. This is not news; everybody knows this, right? But what people don’t know or don’t want to admit is that we secretly envy each other as well. Bloggers want the audience and the reach and the access that the journalists have. I want Tim Skubick’s audience. I want his Off The Record show. Heck, I want his whole career. I could totally ROCK that job.

And you know what? Tim Skubick and his colleagues secretly envy us. Why? Because we have the freedom to express ourselves, the way that they always wanted to when they started their careers. No journalist starts his career by saying, “boy I hope I never get to say anything important because my editor strips it out due to potential repercussions from our advertisers!” There’s a reason that journalists are starting their own blogs now. They want to say something important. They want to share the personal side of their professional lives. They want to defend themselves against the constant criticism. They want to express themselves the way that we get to express ourselves, and they want us to care about what they say.

If you’re an astute observer (or just a living human) you’ve noticed the blame game between the bloggers and the press. If you’re on the right-wing, it’s the “liberal media” screwing you over. If you’re on the left-wing, it’s the “corporate media” screwing you over. If you’re the media, it’s the “whiny bloggers” screwing you over. That’s just how it rolls.

As for me, I’m cool with the media. I need the media. I don’t want them to be reduced or be replaced by bloggers or pundits. I want a healthy and strong traditional media out there bringing me the news. And I want access to their audience. And I want them to care about what I say.

Seriously Tim, call me. xoxo

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