The deception of ‘Union Conservatives’

I just think I’m going to barf.

The Crackinac Center is at it again, this time extolling the virtues of a group called “Union Conservatives.” According to the Mighty Crack,

The realization that his union dues were being used for politics — aggressive big-government politics at that — eventually led [Terry] Bowman to create a new organization called “Union Conservatives.”

The purpose behind Union Conservatives is to provide an outlet for workers throughout the state who support the basic idea of unions but are troubled by unaccountable union officials and the political orientation of the union establishment.

Troubled by union dues being used for politics? Terry Bowman is ok with the fact that his tax dollars are used to strengthen conservative politics. He’s planning on launching “Union Conservatives” and “Union Liberty” as non-profits so that he can avoid paying taxes on them. Typical conservative wanting to push his politics on other people while freeloading through society. But, details.

Let’s take a close look what these Union Conservatives were told to believe:

  • ” … Unions must embrace relationships with politicians on both sides of the political aisle. This represents common sense; you cannot serve the interests of your members by making enemies with 50% of the politicians.” [ed note: Um, no. The politicians work for you. You are not supposed to change your values to please them.]
  • “Unions are NOT agents of social change. They exist to better the lives of their members in the work environment.” [ed note: The work environment is an aspect of the social environment, and when it changes, THAT IS social change.]
  • “Free-market business is NOT a provider of welfare.” [ed note: It is indeed a provider of welfare, but the recipient is the large corporation that gets to use our labor, our natural resources, and our laws & regulations, in order to squeeze every last dime out of our economy. The US economy should be based on a fair market, not unfettered free market policies.]
  • “Socialism has NEVER worked, and NEVER will work.” [ed note: except in the case of the US where we have a federal government, NASA, the military, public education, public roads, rural electricity, the GI Bill, Social Security …. ]
  • “The Constitution is a unique document that means exactly the same today as it meant in 1787. It does not mold and change with society and culture. In other words, the Constitution is absolute, and not a “living and breathing document”.” [ed note: OMG]
  • “Truth and Reality” is what should lead our steps in all walks of life. … Conservatism is the politics of “Truth and Reality”, while Liberalism/Socialism is the politics of “Hope and Utopia”. [ed note: OMFG]
  • I got to say, as the uber proud grand-daughter of a Sit Down veteran, I take great offense to some of this crap. Bowman says unions are not agents of social change? I’d like to see Bowman go to work for a boss who checks the toilet for cigarette butts before he allows Bowman to flush. I’d like him to work in a place where he is told to “follow the blood to the hospital” if he ever gets hurt. That was “truth and reality” in my grandfather’s world, and it will be in his if his beloved corporate conservatives have their way.

    My grandparents, great-grandparents, and many aunts and uncles worked very hard to provide a safe work environment for people like Bowman, so that he never has to be told to “follow the blood to the hospital.” And in the event that he does get hurt in the workplace, he’ll probably receive disability or worker’s comp. But you know, that would be welfare.

    Oh, and the ‘Union Conservatives’ are recruiting folks in to the “right to work for less” movement in Michigan. Color me so surprised.

    By the way if you want to get to know Terry, his Tea Bagger Ning page is here.

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    1. Intelligent Person says:

      Ah, Union Sheep!

    2. And what do you expect conservatives in unions to do? and by the way as i am sure you know, calling the man a teabagger doesnt make you seem very intelligent. Its just rude and sad.

      • I actually don’t have expectations of conservatives, other than that they’ll say dumb things. But I didn’t call the guy a teabagger, I referred to his teabagger website, which has the tea party identification at the top of the page. So thank you for meeting my expectations. :)

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