Using Zemanta while blogging at BFM

We’ve tried to offer some nice features to make blogging easier and more fun. One of the features we’ve added is the Zemanta plugin, which monitors your content and suggests links, tags, and images. You can add these suggestions to your content by simply clicking on your choices.

All of the Zemanta suggestions are based on keywords found in your content, so not all of the suggestions will be relevant to what you are blogging. For (a bad) example, if you are blogging about ‘green energy’ then you will not want to put in a picture of Monster Green Energy drink. You get the idea. :)

To help demonstrate the awesomeness of Zemanta, here are 3 short videos that introduce the product in a WordPress context ..

You can also download Zemanta in several other server and client side editions.

Keep in mind that you need to use the visual editor in WordPress in order to use Zemanta. And don’t forget that when you use images or other content from other sources, you have to follow the usage restrictions and copyrights.

Feel free to leave questions & feedback in the comments.

Happy blogging!

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