Blogging on BFM – Using posts, pages, categories, and tags

This is just a quick primer on using some of the options you have when you blog at BFM.

On our old site, you had the option to write diaries, and you could categorize these diaries by using tags. These tags were just keywords that described the content of your post. On BFM 3.0 (huzzah!) you have a few additional options.

Using our new software, you have the option to publish posts and pages. The difference between the two are pretty simple once you get used to them:

Posts (Also referred to as “articles”) – This is what you will probably use most of the time. By publishing a “post” you create an article that goes into our articles database. These posts are displayed in chronological order on our site. They are described and categorized by the “tags” and “category” features in WordPress. On BFM the only category available to authors is “Articles,” but tags can be added freely.

Pages - This is a static page that does not appear as an article and is not automatically added into our navigation system. You would only use a page when you have something to publish that is relevant to BFM but you do not want it to be included in our navigation. For example, you may wish to post an “about me” page for yourself, or a reference page in which you public a lot of data that supports one of your articles. In this kind of example, you could include a link to your page in the bottom of your posts. That gives you the flexibility of adding content to your body of work, without publishing a regular article that shows up in the All Articles section of the site.

Additionally we will also be working with both categories and tags,

Categories - Categories allow us to group articles based on subject matter, and they aid in our navigational setup for the site. For an example of how we use categories, check out this link. What you see there are all posts in the category of “Senate Dems.” As a security measure, Authors are currently restricted to the category “Articles.” Editors and Admins are the only roles that can access other categories on BFM.

Tags - Tags are keywords that allow users to describe their content. The tags on this post, for example, will be “blogging, posts, pages, categories, tags, wordpress.” Authors are encouraged to use tags and are free to use whatever tags they feel are appropriate. Tags are not restricted like categories on BFM.

As always if you have any feedback or questions, please leave it in the comments :)

Happy blogging!

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