Tom McMillin – Rochester’s Copy and Paste Corporate Legislator

A recent report published by People for the American Way states, “ALEC represents an alarming risk to the credibility of the political process and threatens to greatly diminish the confidence and influence ordinary people have in government. Representative Tom McMillin is a member of ALEC and has been prominently mentioned in at least one press release announcing a resolution introduced by McMillin urging Michigan withdraw from the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord and McMillin has said he is a “subscriber” to ALEC, although the term subscriber does not appear on ALEC’s web site.

ALEC is an organization that only members of state legislatures across the country can join. The organization claims to be bipartisan, and in an interview with Reagan Weber, the Senior Director of Public Affairs for ALEC, Weber claimed that one-third of its members were Democrats. However, the membership list of ALEC is private and many people knowledgeable about ALEC say the number of Democrats among ALEC’s members is a much smaller number.

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