Signs of the Times: HUNDREDS of Protest Signs of Rick Snyder & GOP Policies in Michigan

Signs of the Times from Michigan. A couple members of Solon Street started out taking a few pictures of signs at various protests in Michigan, and the collection has grown into the HUNDREDS (700+ in fact). Most of the citizen demonstrators, from a range of professions and backgrounds, are against Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder and GOP polices that are passing through the Republican controlled State Legislature, many using ‘cut and paste’ ALEC models that are now being pushed in Republican controlled states all over the Country.

Here are a few EXAMPLES and LINKS to both the Folders and Slideshows BELOW:

Official Start of the “Recall Rick Snyder Rally” in Lansing Noon May 21, 2011
This rally and demonstration of several hundreds participants was organized by 12 private citizens on Facebook and at This activity is NOT sponsored by the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) or any union, according to the organizers. Speakers and ‘county representatives’ from across the State of Michigan gathered to dedicate themselves to the recall of Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder. Petitions are due to be completed by July.

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Snyder Protest of Cuts and Policies on Education in Lansing 4PM May 21, 2011

Thousands of teachers and supporters of Michigan Public Education converged on Lansing (many were Michigan Education Association (MEA) members) to protest Rick Snyder’s cuts to education and other related children’s issues Their message – Kids and Public Education Matter to the future of Michigan, one of the first US States to mandate universal public education. Second largest protest in recent Michigan memory that got little to no media coverage (why you need pics). This was the 2nd or 3rd largest rally in Lansing for decades, the largest being the “We the People” rally on April 13, 2011.
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Previous Events:
Protest of Rick Snyder at the University of Michigan Commencement/Graduation on April 30, 2011 – Main Page/FolderSLIDESHOW

“We Are One” rallies that started on April 4, 2011 to celebrate the tradition of Martin Luther King’s support of working families, and are on-going. These pictures are from the Ann Arbor and Lansing rallies held on the first day – Main Page/FolderSLIDESHOW

2nd LARGEST PROTEST in Michigan history (since 30+ years/Vietnam era) was against Rick Snyder in Lansing on March 16, 2011 – Main Page/FolderSLIDESHOW

Note: These are for public use, so if you need one for your Blog or something, go ahead and use them – unless of course you are a conservative think tank or GOPer, in which case you can afford to pay for them with all your tax cuts and special ‘Snyder’ interest favors.

If you have other events, just send or post a link to your folder (to be able to post need to be Flickr or Photobucket).

One thing is clear, these demonstrations show that resistance to Rick Snyder and Michigan GOP policies is far from over and anything but short-lived. They also show that Michigan does have the ability to field crowds on the scale of Madison, Wisconsin (remember that all but one of the major rallies in Michigan have been during the work week so far), should organizers choose to call people out in Lansing or anywhere in the state.

So keep your signs in a closet or in the garage. If you don’t have a couple yet, here are examples, and you can see some stiff competition in terms of quality and quantity.

There will be no doubt have plenty of opportunities in the future (many posted here on BFM) to pull them back out.



More signs coming… (4.00 / 1)

… but that’s a good start.Hard to pick a ‘best sign’, lot of great ones.

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