Ruth Johnson: Girl Detective

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by: Christine

Sat Aug 21, 2010 at 05:00:00 AM EDT

So I was going to write a diary today about this goofball “fake” tea party business.  You know the one, where the teabagger cry-babies run around and scream that the Michigan tea party should not be allowed on the ballot because the Michigan tea party doesn’t reflect the values of Fox News?Personally I could give a crap if the Michigan tea party is the real Republican Murdoch spin off or not.  Republicans have been funding Green Party candidates for years, in order to split the votes of liberals.  They call it “free speech” through campaign finance.  Out here in Shiawassee we have Republicans actively recruiting their friends to run as Democrats, in order to create Democratic primaries.  Teabaggers aren’t running around writing letters about that.    So I was going to toss the hypocrisy up their faces, as they do so richly deserve.

But now Secretary of State candidate and super-sleuth Ruth Johnson has made some pretty nasty accusations toward Jason Bauer, allegedly of the Oakland Dems.  This changes the whole flavor of the situation.  It’s not quite as much fun to mock.

Johnson claims, in a press conference and a campaign email blast, that Bauer signed a fraudulent affidavit for a tea party candidate.  And the “fake” candidate, Aaron Tyler, also alleges fraud.  Tyler wrote a letter saying he left the state 4 days after the affidavit was signed.  Oh and he left the state for a job.  Oh and he never signed anything.  Oh and the clerk’s office was very helpful in explaining these things.  Oh and Fraud!  Fraud!  Ja wohl mein Fuher!

What a delightful little campaign issue Ruth Johnson has uncovered.  How convenient, especially so soon after being called out by conservatives for her secret support of NRAV.


It should be extremely distressing for delegates to see Ruth Johnson standing literally shoulder to shoulder with two of Michigan’s most liberal State Senators, Gilda Jacobs and Liz Brater, on this issue of No Reason Absentee Voting.  It’s pretty clear why Ruth Johnson is trying to hide these facts from voters, yet this type of deception is the last thing we deserve from someone wanting our vote.  Ruth Johnson is on the wrong side of this vital elections issue, she knows it, and that’s why she is trying to cover up the evidence.

From Johnson’s campaign email blast:

Legitimate Tea Party organizations across the state have condemned the state’s new Tea Party as a “Fake” Tea party which does not represent them or their beliefs.  Election experts have called the state’s new Tea Party a ploy by Democrats to confuse voters.”Here we have evidence that their concerns may be well-founded,” Johnson said. “We must ensure integrity in our elections. This is a group that is trying to deceive voters and now it appears that they may have committed election fraud. Our state needs an Elections Crimes Unit to investigate allegations like this.”

Hm.  Pretty handy.  Ruth is a tea party hero.

(Psst .. ignore all the other crap you find at those red links.)

Johnson also said she intends to hand deliver her super-duper investigative documents to the Michigan AG office on Monday, and she’ll be testifying about this incident before the state Board of Canvassers as well.  So I hesitate to say that she’s lying about the whole thing …. I doubt she’d put herself in jeopardy that way.  But there is intentional ignorance, right?  Willful neglect?  Maybe a little kabuki?  A little sleight of hand?

Oh heck, what do I know?  I’m just saying the timing is sweet, if you happen to be in the RJ4MI camp.

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Unfortunately, I think this is true (4.00 / 1)

It might be (0.00 / 0)
It might not be, I don’t know.  But making it a campaign issue is what I think is interesting.  And no one can tell me Aaron’s letter wasn’t coached.

If you’re not interested in what a sit-downer has to say, it’s going to take him twice as long to say it. ~my grandpa

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NRAV (4.00 / 1)
Her support for NRAV is no “secret.” Even as Right Michigan points out that Johnson’s release has been taken down, her quote in Sen. Brater’s release is still up:…

No … (0.00 / 0)
It’s not a “secret” … she did put out a press release.  I wonder if Senator Brater’s release would still up if Ruth Johnson controlled that.

If you’re not interested in what a sit-downer has to say, it’s going to take him twice as long to say it. ~my grandpa

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Oakland Press article (0.00 / 0)
With video, here –…

If you’re not interested in what a sit-downer has to say, it’s going to take him twice as long to say it. ~my grandpa

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