Andy Dillon’s Epic Fail

This post was originallay publihed by TrueDem The results are now in on the impact of Andy Dillon’s gamble on his surrender agreement with Senate Obstructionist Leader Mike Bishop (R-Hair Gel). Gongwer, in an article entitled “FY ’10 Plus 28: Senate Appears to Kill Dillon’s Revenue Strategy,” details the failure of Dillon’s fling with Bishop: […]

Sign the “NO TRIGGERS” Petition

“Triggers” continue to rear their ugly heads in the health care reform debate. Triggers are described in the made for TV sound bites as something that will kick in if insurance companies don’t meet some reform criteria in several years. The public is misled into thinking that the insurance companies will have to shape up […]

Ending of an Era, A Sad Realization

I suppose one might say I've been living under a rock.  Upon reflection, I can even agree with the accusation.  In my defense, however, …. no, actually, there is no defending it.  I have no real reason, beyond being caught up in the smaller realities occurring within the scope of my own world.  Until today. […]